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«Sana’a […] posata sul deserto come una rustica Venezia, che stanno già distruggendo [..]» | Pier Paolo Pasolini

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«Many students, especially those who are poor, intuitively know what the schools do for them. They school them to confuse process and substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed: the more treatment there is, the better are the results; or, escalation leads to success. The pupil is thereby «schooled» to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new. His imagination is «schooled» to accept service in place of value. Medical treatment is mistaken for health care, social work for the improvement of community life, police protection for safety, military poise for national security, the rat race for productive work. Health, learning, dignity, independence, and creative endeavor are defined as little more than the performance of the institutions which claim to serve these ends, and their improvement is made to depend on allocating more resources to the management of hospitals, schools, and other agencies in question.» | Ivan Illich

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«Instead of bringing life into the city, so that its poorest inhabitant will have not merely sun and air but some chance to touch and feel and cultivate the earth, these naive apostles of progress had rather bring sterility to the countryside and ultimately death to the city. Their “city of the future” is one leveled down to the lowest possibility of active, autonomous, fully sentient life: just so much life as will conform to the requirements of the machine.» | Lewis Mumford

 Fuente fotográfica [banner]: mASSIMO PAOLINI | Mercado de los Encantes · Barcelona (2014)